You can use your own phone in Korea. Premium Travel Center has prepaid SIM CARD.
It is possible to use your existing smart phones in Korea by exchanging the SIM card

Premium Travel Center - Seoul Station
1) Classification
  • EG SIM
    DUAL SIZE: KRW36,000 (30,000KRW worth of phone calls)
    NANO SIZE: KRW40,000 (30,000KRW worth of phone calls)

    DUAL SIZE: KRW30,000 (20,000KRW worth of phone calls + Transportation)
    NANO SIZE: KRW35,000 (20,000KRW worth of phone calls + Transportation)

* Sim card may be unavailable depending on the phone type
* Available only on WCDMA method mobile phone
* Only suitable for unlocked mobile of overseas region
2) Unique features
With Evergreen Mobile Prepaid SIM card, you get to enjoy :
  • Access anywhere within Korea based on the best quality mobile network
  • Affordable charges plan with no monthly fees and 24-hour clock cycle
  • Preferred Tourist 3G Prepaid mobile SIM card Service
  • Various ways to top-up : App. Internet, ARS, Convenient Store etc
  • Without purchasing additional prepaid internet SIM card, enjoy phone and
    Surf the Internet on the go with easiest way to top-up for data
Perfect for
  • Tourists with smartphone who needs ad-hoc Internet access while not in Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Tourists to South Korea who want to save on expensive hotel Internet charges
  • Companies that require ad-hoc Internet access at seminars and
    exhibitions Businesses that require short-term Internet access for overseas staff
3) Charges
Voice Charges
Local Calls (Separated V.A.T 10% / KRW)
Charges Calls
(Including video calls)
No monthly fee ₩4 /sec ₩20 / sent ₩40 / sent ₩240 / sent
  • Per Second Billing
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • 30-day expiry per topped up \10,000 (from the date of top-up)
  • Global SMS/MMS is not available

Data Charges
Data plan : Flat rate (per month) (Separated V.A.T 10% / KRW)
Charges 100M 500M 1G
₩5,500 ₩11,000 ₩16,500
KT Wi-Fi Zone Not available Available
Expiry 30 days 30 days 30 days
Enjoy calls and internet with a SIM card
ONE What is a SIM card?

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a portable memory chip used in cell phone that holds personal information of the account holder.

Using a prepaid SIM card in KOREA is an affordable option For visitors for using call and data services.

* High-quality calls: international calls as clear as domestic calls!

Reasonable call and data service fares

  • KRW 2,000 won 8 min of domestic calling, 32MB of data
  • 10,000KRS: 38 min of domestic calling, 163MB of data
TWO Why use our SIM card?
  1. Locate yourself easily in KOREA
  2. Enjoy free wifi with olleh WI-FI, Data service at an affordable price! You save 11,820 won for using 100MB data usage
  3. Receiving incoming call is Free!
  4. Calling rates are up to 90% cheaper than using American roaming services.
  5. Use your phone by simply replacing the SIM card.
Three How to get a SIM card?
  1. Step 1. Unlock your cell phone before coming to Korea
    - Inquire your phone service provider
  2. Step 2. Moving to Korea
  3. Step 3. Receive your SIM card at the Premium Travel Center
  4. Step 4. Replace the SIM card, and start making your calls.

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