Baggage storage service / Porter services

Temporary Storage and Porter service of various Baggage, clothing and products for travel.

  • Small
    • Size under 20 Inch or [Width+length+Height] 90CM,
      such as Back pack or shopping bag.
    • Rate: 3,000KRW (per Item)
  • Medium
    • Size under 24 Inch or [Width+length+Height] 115CM,
      Cabin Baggage.
    • Rate: 5,000KRW (per Item)
  • Large
    • Size under 28 Inch or [Width+length+Height] 158CM,
      Checked-in Baggage.
    • Rate: 7,000KRW (per Item)
  • XLarge
    • Size over 28 Inch or [Width+length+Height] 158CM,
      Over Baggage.
    • Rate: 10,000KRW (per Item)
Premium Travel Center - Seoul Station
1) Baggage storage service

Take advantage of our check-in services for hand luggage so you can take in the sights around Seoul Station

  • Hours of operation : 08:00 to 20:00
  • Rate: Small - 3,000KRW / Medium - 5,000KRW / Large - 7,000KRW / X-Large - 10,000KRW (per Item/Tax Included)
    ※ Please note that items not picked up during business hours will not be available until the following day,
        and an additional fee will apply.
  • We do not store the luggage as below:
    (1) The luggage weight over 30kg per one bag
    (2) An explosive or dangerous object
    (3) Animals
    (4) Perishable product
    (5) Works of art, antiques, crafts, jewelry, and other valuables
2) Porter service

Porter services are available for locations within Seoul Station such as the KTX, A'REX(Airport Railroad)
and the Public transportation areas.

  • Reservations and operating time: 09:00-18:00
  • The fee for porter services is 15,000 KRW for up to three items (size and weight restrictions apply).
  • Not available for certain items such as skis, snowboards and folding bicycles etc
  • If there is not adequate time for the porter to reach the destination before the boarding time, requests for porter services is unavailable.
  • We do not take responsibility for failure to arrive by the boarding time due to delays caused by station congestion or the like due to
    unexpected events in the station such as inclement weather, a delayed train or an unscheduled stoppage.
  • Registration is only available inside the travel center. Contact us for further information
  • Contact : 02-392-3545

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